The Tailoring

Simani Industrie was born at the end of the 90s in the heart of Garfagnana, in Tuscany.
Our company, family-run for three generations, has lived in the
years of evolution and change, always adapting to the world around her.
Simani Industrie was born to create disposable clothing for the sector
industrial and specializes in gowns, overalls and other protective equipment
individual dedicated to the chemical-pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our
experience in this area was essential during the period of
Covid-19 pandemic, allowing us to set up a large and structured
Made in Italy production of technical clothing suitable for healthcare personnel
of hospitals, in crisis due to the lack of PPE necessary to maintain al
safe doctors, nurses and visitors to hospital facilities.
Over the years we have developed the sector market in parallel
Ho.Re.Ca, dedicating ourselves to eco-sustainable products for service and takeaway, but
always keeping the garment production line active, including
even the professional kitchen ones to which we have decided to dedicate this
catalog and its own brand.
Simani Sartoria has set itself an ambitious goal: to create clothing for
kitchen comfortable, resistant and at the same time elegant, beautiful to wear
for a chef who works in professional kitchens for both the aspiring chef and
he wants a good product to fuel his passion.
From the idea to the prototype, from the sketch to the realization, our products
they are made entirely by hand. The jackets, the aprons, the trousers, they have that
scent of craftsmanship that we want those who decide to rediscover
give us confidence.